Waikiki has been running since 2006, and is run by Tim and Debbie Waikiki. The husband and wife team set the business up to fill the requirements of a customer who found the larger players unwilling to accommodate the needs of their business.
Over the years the company grew, and as it’s standard of service became known in the consumer electronics industry, so did its client base. Delivering a personalised service that offers clients solutions, rather than problems, is the mantra at Waikiki, and Tim and Debbie are dedicated to making their company a market leader in the business to the consumer sector. By carefully selecting staff, ensuring that presentation and attitude is of the highest standard, Waikiki aim to provide clients with a service second to none. With the staff to deliver, an understanding of your business allows Waikiki to develop a service that meets your needs, and once onboard you will have a dedicated business partner who is there to assist your company’s growth, and theirs as well.

If you are in the market for logistics services and have specific needs, or merely a desire to have a personal service where you are more than an account code, have a read through the services pages, or better still, contact them. It’s worth taking the time to review Waikiki as your potential business partner.

They care about your businesses success!